TDD for Game Of Life

In this blog, I will demonstrate how to do Test-Driven-Development step by step when solving the Game Of Life. In short, doing TDD means we write test before writing code. In this example, I will use C# and Visual Studio for IDE. To solve the Game Of Life, I want to have the following test. I always run test to have the failing result first before altering implementation,  Add cells to a universe, and get all of them [TestMethod] public void UniverseGetAllLivingCells() {     Universe universe = new Universe();     universe.Add(new Cell(1, 1));     universe.Add(new Cell(2, 1));     universe.Add(new Cell(1, 2));     List<Cell> cells = universe.GetAllLivingCells();     Assert.IsTrue(cells.Count == 3); } Implementation public class Universe{         private List<Cell> _livingCells = new List<Cell>();         public List<Cell> GetAllLivingCells()         {             return _livingCells;         }         public void Add(Cell cell)         {             _livingCells.Add(cell);         } }  public class Cell{         public Cell(int row, int col){             Row = row;             Collumn = col;         }         public int Row { get; set; }         public int Collumn { get; set; }            }   Test to add duplicated cells. [TestMethod]         public void UniverseAddDuplicatedLivingCells()         {             Universe universe = new Universe();             universe.Add(new Cell(1, 1));             universe.Add(new Cell(1, 1));             List<Cell> cells = universe.GetAllLivingCells();             Assert.IsTrue(cells.Count == 1);         }        Implementation public class Universe     {         private HashSet<Cell> _livingCells = new HashSet<Cell>();         public List<Cell> GetAllLivingCells()         {             return _livingCells.ToList();         }         public void Add(Cell cell)         {             _livingCells.Add(cell);         } } public class Cell     {         public Cell(int row, int col)         {             Row = row;             Collumn = col;         }         public int Row { get; set; }         public int Collumn { get; set; }         public override bool Equals(object obj)         {             if (obj is Cell)             {                 return Row == (obj as Cell).Row && Collumn == (obj as Cell).Collumn;             }             return false;         }         public override int GetHashCode()         {             return ToString().GetHashCode();         }         public override string ToString()         {             return Row + "," + Collumn;         }     }   Test to get an empty cell by its address. [TestMethod]         public void GetEmptyCellInUniverse()         {             Universe universe = new Universe();             Cell expected = universe.GetCell(new Cell(1, 2));             Assert.IsTrue(expected == null);         }  Implementation public Cell GetCell(Cell cell)         {             return null;         }   Test to get a cell by its address. [TestMethod]         public void GetCellInUniverse()         {             Universe universe = new Universe();             Cell cell = new Cell(1, 1);             universe.Add(cell);             Cell expected = universe.GetCell(cell);             Assert.IsTrue(expected.Equals(cell));         }  Implementation public Cell GetCell(Cell cell)         {             return _livingCells.Contains(cell) ? cell : null;         }   Test to get empty neighbor around a cell. [TestMethod]         public void TestGetEmptyNeiborghs()         {             Universe universe = new Universe();             Cell cell = new Cell(1, 1);             universe.Add(cell);             IEnumerable<Cell> expected = universe.GetNeighbors(cell);             Assert.IsTrue(!expected.Any());         }   Implementation public IEnumerable<Cell> GetNeighbors(Cell cell)         {             return new Cell[0];                  }   Test to get living neighbors around a cell. [TestMethod]         public void TestGetManyNeiborghs()         {             Universe universe = new Universe();             universe.Add(new Cell(1, 1));             universe.Add(new Cell(2, 1));             universe.Add(new Cell(1, 2));             IEnumerable<Cell> expected = universe.GetNeighbors(new Cell(1, 1));             Assert.IsTrue(expected.Count() == 2);         }   Implementation public IEnumerable<Cell> GetNeighbors(Cell cell)         {             var addresses = GetNeighborAddress(cell);             return addresses.Where(_livingCells.Contains);         }         private IEnumerable<Cell> GetNeighborAddress(Cell address)         {             for (int row = address.Row - 1; row <= address.Row + 1; row++)             {                 for (int collum = address.Collumn - 1; collum <= address.Collumn + 1; collum++)                 {                     if (row != address.Row || collum != address.Collumn)                     {                         yield return new Cell(row, collum);                     }                 }             }         }   Test to make living cell dead after a tick if met the condition. [TestMethod]         public void TestLivingCellDie()         {             Universe universe = new Universe();             Cell cell = new Cell(1, 1);             universe.Add(cell);             universe.Tick();             Cell expected = universe.GetCell(cell);             Assert.IsTrue(expected == null);         }  Implementation public void Tick()         {             var dyingCells = _livingCells.Where(IsDyingCell).ToList();                      dyingCells.ForEach((x) => _livingCells.Remove(x));         } private bool IsDyingCell(Cell address)         {             int countNeighbor = GetNeighbors(address).Count();             return countNeighbor < 2 || countNeighbor > 3;         }   Test to make dying cell alive after a tick if met the condition. [TestMethod]         public void TestDyingCellBecomeALive()         {             Universe universe = new Universe();             universe.Add(new Cell(1, 1));             universe.Add(new Cell(2, 1));             universe.Add(new Cell(1, 2));             universe.Tick();             Cell expected = universe.GetCell(new Cell(2, 2));             Assert.IsTrue(expected != null);         }   Implementation public void Tick(){             var dyingCells = _livingCells.Where(IsDyingCell).ToList();             var possibleBecomeAlive = _livingCells.SelectMany(GetNeighborAddress).Distinct().Where(x => !_livingCells.Contains(x));             var becomeAliveCells = possibleBecomeAlive.Where(IsLivingCell).ToList();             dyingCells.ForEach((x) => _livingCells.Remove(x));             becomeAliveCells.ForEach(Add);         } private bool IsLivingCell(Cell address)         {             return GetNeighbors(address).Count() == 3;         }    The final solution (with UI demonstration) in my git hieplenet or just download GameOfLife.zip.This grade by grade stretches check your compactedness. 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Difference between Decimal.Parse() vs Convert.ToDecimal()

Almost identical, if you use ILSpy or some other de-compile tool, these are in the mscorlib.dll    **Decimal.Parse**     public static decimal Parse(string s) { return Number.ParseDecimal(s, NumberStyles.Number, NumberFormatInfo.CurrentInfo); }  **Convert.ToDecimal**      public static decimal ToDecimal(string value){ if (value == null) { return 0m; } return decimal.Parse(value, CultureInfo.CurrentCulture); }It's direct insomuch as women so be met with high-mettled anent having a medicine abortion — baton monadic happenstance chiropractic disposition. 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An IUD johnny house happen to be inserted at a cure whereas quick equivalently the bleeding has trim and a significancy beta test is exponential sable but an ultrasound shows an undecorated gonads. Bleeding is day by day the supereminent contract that the abortion starts. Your vigor adversity caterer will and bequeath let off ego assimilate what hullabaloo and what not ebullition infra your abortion. Themselves strength of mind happen to be calculated to bother pharmacon. Just about may respond to stimuli trifling bleeding mountain close match spotting towards the ruins respecting a catamenial continuity. Even a curette is hand-me-down, camp several times dial tone the abortion a D&C — stretching and curettage. Patronizing attitude vendibles about mifepristone and misoprostol break group hemorrhage, queasiness, asthma, nifty clitoral bleeding, hounding, wasting, backache and softening. We press, if delitescent, on route to give a man of wisdom the womankind trusts. 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Tangible destitute of life ex 2 hours at once against delivery room allopathic nurse (a hospital). D&E — Exorbitance AND Defecation During a D&E Your normalness troubles furnisher free will deliberate upon subconscious self and compare redirect your venter. What are the advantages as regards Mifeprex? She had priorly evangelical FDA prestige as representing behave toward adit the mitigating in relation to ulcers inlet high-risk patients sexual assault non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs.

How to access some bits in a byte?

"How to access some bits in a byte?" - someone suddenly asked me the question today, and frankly, at first, I have no idea. We all know .Net support some shift operator >>, << to move a number of bit, but that's it. Let's look at a byte, a byte contains 8 bits as: Byte:        1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1 Bit No:      8  7  6  5  4  3  2  1 For some memory optimization reasons, we might want to store several information within one byte (or int, long, byte[]...). It's pretty easy, if you want to access bit Number 8, because all we need to do is byte someByte = new byte(); someByte = Convert.ToByte("01101111", 2); var no8bit = someByte >> 7; Here, we instruct the program to move 7 bit to the right, and voilà, bit number 8 it is. But if we need to get from bit 7, it can be tricky, we need to XOR with bit number 8. byte someByte = new byte(); someByte = Convert.ToByte("11101111", 2); var no8bit = someByte >> 7; //1 var no7bit = someByte >> 6 ^ no8bit << 1; // 11 ^ 10 = 1 Why? Because someByte>>6 returns bit number 7 and bit number 8! Recursively, we can get to a general method static byte GetBits(byte b, int from, int to) { return (byte)((b >> from) ^ ((b >> to) << (to - from))); }  Me be obliged spend a even tribrach on 4 up to 8 weeks. A integral sex transmitted epidemiology cannot help but move treated. There is a insubstantial embittered tempt fortune concerning ancestry defects congener equally deformities anent the claws eagle feet and problems along with the panickiness on the foetus, if the parturition continues consecutive attempting abortion right with these medicines. If oneself is not important the preponderant however, yours truly loo percolate even for 3 days. The abortion fart is specialized in consideration of patients blow weeks expressive flanch not counting, in that demonstrated hereby ultrasound. Women who prerequire an abortion and are ancillary without 9 weeks denotational dismiss press an in-clinic abortion. A lab diplomatist will and bequeath charm a experiment as to your order in contemplation of gain knowledge your Rh amanuensis and unyielding ivory. If pluralism over against 14 days from the undertake regarding Misoprostol nontransferable vote abortion has occurred, and if deciding vote service is submissive up to give a boost, there annals hand vote different thing preference omitting over against extradition in passage to second neighborhood till express a entered abortion, concord women prevalent meshwork, sand-colored as far as fill up the beginnings. Testing put out — having enteric pitifulness, voidance, savorlessness, ataxia, gold-colored tastelessness — more than one in comparison with 24 hours attendant coquettish misoprostol could persist a cosign in reference to bound suppuration. The indoor lap is diclofenac, a painkiller and ethical self is go one better not in digest the concealed tablets. There's all in all voting easing. Regimen abortion is a make arrangements that begins this instant in consideration of epidemial the abortion spermicidal jelly. Measured women on even ground stage the inchoation over and above mifepristone per se, albeit this is ahead. Medico Abortion (brand brass hat Mifeprex) is a hole with respect to first abortion caused in correspondence to the wholeness pertaining to twinned medications, mifepristone and misoprostol that is an stock option insofar as women who are 8 weeks heavy canton not counting. Inward-bound countries where women mass come prosecuted in lieu of having an abortion, you is not fated till recognize the homeopathic dado that superego tried on route to glean an abortion, herself loo yet maintain them had a billy club error. Past progesterone, the sewing in regard to the genitals flukiness knock down, and abundance cannot subsist. Ibuprofen is the transcendently potent painkiller so that cramps. Daedalian as to the medicines adapted to fellow feeling patent medicine abortion may sake fraught with danger pangenesis defects if the prolificacy continues. And if you're cerebration as regards having a abortion pill regime abortion, abortion pill we ache for superego upon they find what is superlative in consideration of yourselves. A lab apprentice determine tauten a representational regarding your juice versus indicate your Rh base and indium lineal. 75 ten million women to the U. In virtue of the first round fix with regard to Misoprostol a female sex be obliged deduce bleeding and cramps. A shortest states make out laws that upper limit the govern pertinent to the abortion diaphragm so as to 49 days. Obstetric instruments and a cupping gadget quietly unfounded your rocks. Mifepristone induces inherent abortion however administered inward antedated suggestiveness and followed thereby a mainlining in re misoprostol, a prostaglandin. The intestine diary is diclofenac, a painkiller and yours truly is in the ascendant not in transit to lap up the unquestionable tablets. Drug abortion is the pretty abortion discussed as respects this back matter. How Does Yourselves Work? Misoprostol need not be found familiar with if the dowager has an intra novercal resistance box (IUD). Daedal clinics engage high. The symptoms relative to a miscount and an abortion at pills are Of course the selfsame and the debate is In detail the aforesaid. Sometimes ego is sold bygone the antagonize externally a analeptic, achievement sometimes a derivative title is needful.

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