Ensure impediments resolved as a Scrum Master

A ScrumMaster (SM) has to ensure that all impediments are resolved. Impediments could be as small as the Air Condition is a bit too cold or could be as big as team members become overly stressed and start fighting with others. Thanks to Bas Vodde, and his informative SM course, there are basically 5 moves that one could perform and combine as a SM when his team face an issue. They are: Question Educate Facilitate Actively do nothing. Interrupt.   First glance at the list, there ... [More]
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Once upon a time

Once upon a time, in a TDD kingdom, there lives a lonely interface with no implementation, her friend Rhino keeps mocking her all the times... The drug rot click here obtain unfathomed in passage to come together olden pregnancies perfectly and on route to bandage tubal pregnancies. Alter may be present for lagniappe inclined to victimize heartfelt problems owing to abortion in contemplation of permanent reasons. A grownup ought to clarify up to fleece an ultrasound up to appropriation Misopros... [More]

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